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    2020 in Review: Not Too Bad!

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    In 2020, everyone said ‘2020, it is enough!’ We have left the last year behind the global health crisis. However, many of the crucial developments in the shadow of the pandemic crisis will continue for generations!

    We are sure that if 2020 were a human, it would not be welcomed! Yet keep in mind that the year 2020 has brought new habits in addition to different experiences. You should consider that there are people, dislikes, or processes that provide the most important experiences for you.

    Important developments have been experienced throughout the year. We will see the developments and know-how to strengthen our predictions in the grand scheme of things!

    Come close to see what happened in 2020 apart from the pandemic…

    You Came to the Right Place: More Than Meets the Eye!

    No need to be an optimist! If you consider the whole year, you can take stronger steps while making decisions for your future. Your perspective on the previous year might swiftly change.

    The “new normal” mentality we have recently had with the pandemic crisis offers new life practices that will be effective not only for 2021 but also for future generations!

    All you need to do to adapt to drastic changes along with the new normal concept is to get closer. You don’t need a big lens!

    Just keep your eyes and senses out!

    Storms Wipe Old Out!

    Do you think the disasters in 2020 brought only bad things?

    The crises in the previous year were unusual for us. It is the first thing to accept!

    Meditation, therapies, physical activities, spiritual actions that will be good for your soul might not be enough. Be open to innovation mentally and totally.

    It’s not just a disaster, every unusual situation surprises us until we get used to it!

    Keep Social Distancing!


    Not getting used to the new normal? The only thing you need to do to keep social distancing.

    Put your mask on and keep your distance! It’s not such a good idea to stay close anyway!

    Everyone Has a Mask Now!

    One of the most fundamental changes in our lives in 2020 is the obligation to wear a mask belonging to the social distance order! Wearing a mask is not only important to be protected from the coronavirus, but also malodors and air pollution.

    Wearing of face mask is almost the most important mandatory policy to survive in 2020!

    How about considering the new habits we get in 2020 as a new lifestyle, not an obligation? Not only for COVID-19, but you can also get rid of many harmful things such as bacteria, viruses, air pollution. We recommend you to look at the bright side…

    Just like international organizations do…

    2020 for The United Nations, “The International Year of Plant Health”

    2020 has been determined as the International Year of Plant Health as the year of the new normals with the effect of the global health crisis.

    2020 for The World Health Organization,

    2020 has been determined as the Year of Nurses and Midwives by the World Health Organization.

    2020, It Is Over!

    The whole world had a common wish about finishing the year throughout the entire 2020. YES, IT IS OVER…

    There is only one thing that you should set as the new normal rule in 2020. If you are living in the past and dragging negativities towards you, leave them all behind!

    2020 Was Not Too Bad. How Though?


    For all of us, 2020 could be a year of crisis in which disasters are experienced one after another. However; wars, hunger, and natural disasters that constantly occur in the world are death-causing disasters that we already get acquainted with. Yet, our reaction is just limited since we are used to hearing them.

    We might get used to the pandemic crisis, it is just an unusual disaster for us. Or we might be protected from the disease by getting vaccinated. Till finding a sure cure, we must obey the mandatory rules and the normals we need to pay attention to.

    After adapting to the new normals, we might even say;

    “NOT TOO BAD!”

    An Unprecedented Concert with 2.298 Audiences!


    The Liceu Grand Theater reopened on June 22nd hosted a unique performance after being closed for months. The audience of the show was nature.

    Instead of entertaining a crowd of people, 2.292 plants took their place as audiences. Puccini’s song “Crisantemi” was performed for the plant audiences of 2,292. In addition to being the most remarkable show in 2020, the show had its name written in the letters of gold letters as an exclusive show.

    Let’s Make a Journey Through Time


    January 5, 2020: The 77th Golden Globe Awards met with their winners.

    January 9, 2020: a new planet was explored called TOI 1338-b.

    January 28, 2020: Trump’s peace plan titled “Peace to Prosperity: A Vision to Improve the Lives of the

    Palestinian and Israeli People” was announced.

    January 30, 2020: COVID-19 pandemic declaration of WHO!

    January 31, 2020: BREXIT, the UK’s leaving from the EU!

    February 21, 2020: Iranian General Elections were held.

    February 29, 2020: Slovakia’s Parliamentary Elections were held.

    March 5, 2020: Idlib negotiations of Turkey and Russia.

    March 11, 2020: The World Health Organization stated that the health crisis that affected the whole world went down in history as a pandemic.

    April 23, 2020: 100th anniversary of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey was welcomed with enthusiasm.

    August 11, 2020: The first coronavirus vaccine has been registered!

    August 13, 2020: Israel-Arab Peace Treaty was signed.

    October 20, 2020: While the effects of the pandemic crisis continue, the Expo Fair opened in Dubai!

    November 3, 2020: United States Presidential Elections!
    SPUTNIK V Vaccine 92% Effective!
    The Sputnık V vaccine proved to be 92% effective against COVID-19 has been one of the most important issues in 2020.

    COVID-19 Vaccines: Pfizer and BioNTech
    Vaccines against coronavirus had a great impact as year-end approached.

    A Total Solar Eclipse Occurred in 2020!


    A total solar eclipse occurred in the last month of 2020. A total solar eclipse could be clearly observed from Argentina and Chile. With a total solar eclipse, you could get rid of your internal tediousness. You just should be aware.

    The total solar eclipse of 2020 is actually not only a sign that you will take a new turn, but also a historical event that will enable you to raise your consciousness!

    It might be a chance for us to leave the crises caused by the pandemic behind and for our wishes to be accepted. Just focus on good thoughts. If you manipulate your energy accurately, you will get great benefits for your life.

    Doing good deeds will allow you to erase bad deeds from your life. Perhaps you need to do in 2020 to raise your energy and invite wellness into your life, leaving behind the old and the bad and calling for goodness and beauty.

    Invite beauty and call for well-being in 2021!

    Review Overlooked Things Due to Pandemic!

    There might be some important things that you overlooked due to the pandemic!

    Moreover, if precautions are not taken for occurrents that will significantly affect the lives of future generations, not only human life will be ended, but also the whole life!

    Focusing on global disasters is the most important issue to avoid future crises!

    Keep in mind that many things such as natural disasters, social crises, ethnic problems, wars are less visible than before with the pandemic crisis.

    Let’s do our part before it’s too late.

    Take a few minutes to protect life and pay regard to the disasters apart from the pandemic as soon as possible!



    We wear masks to be protected from danger due to the global health crisis in 2020 and keep the social distance in balance. But we do not take the precautions that every person should take for the disasters that occur in nature.

    Humanity standing behind every action that damages nature, such as wars, nuclear armament, and power plants for centuries does not do anything that they are responsible for. We must fulfill our responsibility as a link of the chain with care and attention as well as duty awareness in 2021.

    Because nature does not wear a mask!

    Climate Crisis!


    An issue that concerns the entire universe is growing like an avalanche in addition to the pandemic. In 2020, we struggled with a bigger problem than a pandemic. But the measures taken remained in the background.

    Fires, greenhouse gas emissions, and the melting of icebergs had been the most frequently discussed agenda items in 2020.

    The thermometers measured 38 degrees In Siberia where is the coldest place in the world.

    The United Nations stated that the highest temperature was reached in 2020. This disaster can be regarded as the most important event in history. Remember that this negative situation will get better in 2021 thanks to the precautions to be taken. The first thing you should note that is the protection of nature.

    Melting of Icebergs!


    Indeed, the climate crisis might be the harbinger of near-future crises for future generations!

    The alarm bells started to ring once again with the melting of the iceberg called a68a in Antarctica. We need to think more about natural disasters in 2021. It might be the second most important event to be taken into consideration for the protection of all living life.

    100 Thousand Fires!


    Fires probably are the embodiment of natural disasters caused by not only one person but all humanity!

    There were fire disasters in our forests which are the lungs of the earth and very important for the continuation of life. 100 thousand fires in the Amazon forests can be the harbinger of long-term problems in our lives such as the pandemic crisis.

    Not only the Amazon forests but also the Australian Fires whereby three-quarters of the population was harmed and paved the way for greater destruction for all living creatures. the Australian Fires are the clearest indicator of global disasters!

    The fire killed dozens of people and destroyed 18 million hectares, as well as the deaths of 3 billion koalas and several animals, and the destruction of their habitat!

    Moreover, there is no vaccine for fires that can be developed in a laboratory environment!



    You worry about your life because of the pandemic crisis, right? Every day, hundreds of creatures die due to many reasons such as wars and fires. Moreover, any disease is out of the question.

    In addition to the wars arising from ethnic identity problems or power struggles in the Middle East, all living creatures in the forests end their lives one by one. And also, everyone turns a deaf ear to the problems that are experienced knowingly and willingly. No measures are taken except to escape and leave.

    Besides the British prince news on the agenda, there are important problems to consider. You can realize problems that you should not ignore even without displaying sensitivity.

    The racism problem showed itself again in 2020 as in previous years. Yet, it seems like this crisis will be put to the dusty pages of history. The pandemic crisis may be one of the greatest disasters for humanity in history. But the solution for wars is very simple, End War!

    Azerbaijan and Armenia War!

    Another humanitarian problem recorded in history is the Azerbaijan-Armenia war!

    The crisis between Azerbaijan and Armenia is not caused by any viruses or bacteria. Or we cannot claim that it is a natural disaster. Behind the scenes of the current crisis can be regarded as a usual event in human history in a cycle. History repeats itself.

    Not true!

    While the search for vaccines to prevent the death of people is ongoing, some people kill each other for power or cultural and economic reasons …

    The wars require the fastest precaution to be taken for the continuity of people and even all living things in the new year.

    Decease of Qasem Soleimani!


    The death of Qasem Soleimani, announced on 3rd January, was a clear indication that the humanitarian war was continuing rapidly and fiercely, not due to the effect of the pandemic at the beginning of the year. The health crisis is not the sole danger that has an impact on people’s lives… But the power struggle that goes beyond war and turns into murder!

    Many critical events such as the 2020 Beirut Explosion and Political Issues occurred in 2020. Solving crises through negotiations and agreements might be the biggest action plan to be taken for 2021. Besides, it does not require any clinical research or laboratory environment.

    In 2020, We Received Sad News of Two Demises…

    We commemorate Kobe Bryant, who died in a helicopter crash

    The legendary soccer player Diego Armando Maradona from Argentina with love and longing…

    News from the Sky!


    NASA announced an important exploration in 2020. The presence of water on the sunlit side of the moon was detected and confirmed. Targets for 2024 have already been revealed.

    According to the announcements, two astronauts will be sent to the moon. Astronauts one of whom was a woman were on the agenda in 2020.

    There is another important news from the sky. It was announced that a supermassive black hole was discovered. It was also stated that 2 stars in the b which are only 1.000 light-years away from Earth were detected.

    Now we can talk about the withdrawal news in the royal family which is the center of attention all over the world!

    British Prince Harry and his wife Meghan opened the door of financial independence in 2020. The decision to withdraw from the royal family was a striking event all around the world at the beginning of the year 2020!

    • Immigration crisis,
    • Brexit,
    • Trump Accusations
    • Grasshopper and Insect Invasions have occurred and many areas were in danger.

    Economic Developments in 2020

    International growth reports are one of the most important data for economic developments and commercial relations in 2020. They will be the most accurate instruments for presenting data for 2020.

    Turkey’s outstanding external debt declined to 58% as the year-end approached.

    It is predicted that inflation values in 2020 will decrease by 7,5%.

    In 2020, The Turkish economy closed the year as the country with the fastest growth.

    You can periodically follow the year 2020 data of Turkish real estate on our website.