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    Istanbul Anatolian Side Projects | Breathtaking Landscapes

    Istanbul Anatolian Side projects are adding a new one every day. Real estate housing projects, which are increasing day by day, offer various opportunities. One of them, perhaps the most indulgent, maybe the unique view of the project. Istanbul’s Anatolian Side stands out with its historical districts, forested areas, busy streets, and business centers.

    Uskudar, Atasehir, Maltepe, and Kadikoy, which are popular districts of the Anatolian Side, stand out with their central location advantages. In addition, Uskudar stands out with its historical streets and transportation diversity, Kadikoy with its busy streets and central location, and Atasehir with its trade and business centers. The projects in these districts are always privileged and prominent. When you add the unique view of Istanbul to these, you will experience life from a different perspective.

    Istanbul’s new housing projects continue unabated in Kartal and Maltepe locations on the Anatolian side, which has been developing rapidly in recent years. New settlements mean new opportunities! Kartal projects with a unique view and Maltepe housing projects close to the beach will open the doors of a new life to you.

    Istanbul Anatolian Side and Its Unique Landscape

    It would be impossible if we did not mention the view of Istanbul that crowns the Istanbul Anatolian Side projects. From some district the breathtaking view of Camlıca Hill, some of them to the unique beach of Cengelkoy. Uskudar is perhaps one of the most beautiful districts with a view of the Bosphorus in Anatolian Side housing projects. It is always a privilege to own an apartment in this place that brings the Bosphorus and the seas under your feet. On the other hand Maltepe, one of the popular places on the Anatolian side of Istanbul, has a wonderful view of the Islands. In this article, we will talk about the Istanbul Anatolian Side projects that accompany these Istanbul landscapes. You can even enjoy the view while reading our article!

    Four Winds | Kadikoy

    Four Winds | Kadikoy

    Four Winds, which was realized as a residence project, takes its place among the projects on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. The buildings rising on Bağdat Street, the pearl of the Anatolian Side, adorn its unique view with its wonderful location. Enjoy the sea, the islands, and the city in its panoramic view. Click here for the details of Four Winds with its unique view.

    Nef Kandilli | Uskudar

    Nef Kandilli | Uskudar

    With its streets smelling of history, Uskudar is hosting another brand-new project. Nef Kandilli brings a unique view of the Bosphorus to your feet. The Bosphorus view will accompany your luxury living space. Visit the link for the details of the Istanbul Anatolian Side project.

    Nefes Cengelkoy | Uskudar

    Nefes Cengelkoy | Uskudar
Istanbul Anatolian Side Projects

    The unique view of the Bosphorus offers all its beauties to Nefes Cengelkoy, another of Istanbul’s new housing projects. Contact us to get detailed information about the Uskudar real estate housing project, which comes with easy transportation opportunities in its central location. For the projects details click on the here.

    DKY Sahil | Kartal

    DKY Sahil | Kartal

    Kartal is the new address of Istanbul Anatolian Side projects! The district of the Anatolian Side, which develops without slowing down, stands out with its various projects. In addition, it enlivens your living space with its fascinating sea and island views. DKY Sahil is at the edge of the beach, right next to the street… With its modern design, accessible location, and panoramic view, it stands out among the housing projects on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Click on the link for detailed information.

    Referans Kartal Loca| Kartal

    Referans Kartal Loca| Kartal Istanbul Anatolian Side Projects

    A breath of fresh air among new housing projects in Kartal with its modern architecture! Located 400 meters from Marmaray, the Referans Kartal Loca stands out not only with its view but also with its transportation facilities. In addition to all these, it will also please you with its colorful social life opportunities. All the details about the Referans Kartal Loca are in this link.

    Dunya Sehir | Kartal

    Dunya Sehir Maltepe | Maltepe Istanbul Anatolian Side Projects

    Kartal is a location close to the popular locations of the Anatolian Side, offering highly developed opportunities in itself. Dunya Sehir located here is a unique project in Kartal with both its view and living space. Project details are here.

    La Mer Dragos | Maltepe

    La Mer Dragos | Maltepe Istanbul Anatolian Side Projects

    The last project we have chosen for you among the Istanbul Anatolian Side projects is located in Maltepe. The project, which will be completed in December 2023, is accompanied by large balconies and windows. The unique Istanbul Islands view becomes a painting on these windows. You will find peace in La Mer Dragos on its wide balconies. Details of the project can be found here. You can contact us for more information.