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    10 Locations with High Investment Value on the European Side

    Decide the property to invest in goes through various issues. The most important and unchangeable for everyone is the location. Criteria are set to choose the best location and options are created accordingly. If you are looking for 10 locations with high investment value on the European side, you are at the right place!

    10 Places with High Investment Value
    High Investment Value

    10 Location with High Investment Value on the European Side

    Standing out with its business centers, Maslak also offers you various transportation options. This place, which stands out with its skyscrapers and unique facilities, will increase the value of your investment. The location, which stands out with its proximity to Vadistanbul, stands out for investors.

    Kagithane, one of the business centers of the European Side, continues to develop day by day. Thus, it has many possibilities and great potential. The region is very close to main points and educational institutions as well as socializing areas such as shopping centers. In this way, this region, which contains everything you need to invest and live comfortably, is very valuable for both investment and living.

    Sisli has an important place in Istanbul. The region is important because it is close to Taksim and the main arteries of the city. In addition, you can easily find almost any means of transportation within minutes in Şişli, which is one of the most developed points of Istanbul in terms of transportation. In this place where life is always flowing, your investments will gain even more value.

    When we say Taksim, almost everyone can tell something. As the center of Istanbul, Taksim is one of the most popular tourist destinations, as well as hosting many opportunities. Taksim is close to all parts of the city and has many transportation opportunities. The close location of Nişantaşı and Beşiktaş to Taksim is one of the factors that make the region important. Taksim, which is one of the most preferred regions when touristic trips are planned, is always a valuable place. Investment opportunities in this region should be evaluated.

    Basin Expres
    Imagine a region that touches the most important roads of Istanbul. Basin Ekspres is not only the center of business and social opportunities, but also famous for its potential to connect main roads. Those who want to travel usually pass through or near Basın Ekspres. Thanks to this feature, it is always a valuable place for investment.

    10 Places with High Investment Value on the European Side

    Bahcesehir is isolated but easy to access and is known for continuing to grow… It is one of the most popular and preferred areas of Istanbul with its famous pond, comfortable living spaces, green landscape areas and social facilities. As day-to-day development continues, investment opportunities in this place are diverse.

    Beylikduzu is another developing point of Istanbul with its housing projects, shopping centers and social facilities that add value to the region. Moreover, you can enjoy the beautiful sea view and use the advantage of easy transportation developed by the project. With its ports on the coast, easy access to the Metrobus, and connection to roads, this is a center in itself. Reserve a place for yourself in this place, which is always open to investment opportunities.


    Eyup is not only a central location but also the heart of history. You can find historical mosques and places around Eyüp. As a property owner here, you can easily travel anywhere and explore beautiful surroundings at the same time. This timeless location always presents investment opportunities.


    Kucukcekmece, which is famous for its lake view, is a good choice for those who want to buy a house in a quiet environment with its many advantages in terms of transportation and investment opportunities. It also draws attention with its close location to Marmaray. In this way, it provides easy access to the important centers of Istanbul.


    Basaksehir can be seen as a new city in Istanbul as it covers a large area. It has many advantages due to its location close to the New Airport. It is also near famous shopping centers. This place, which continues to develop rapidly, makes room for new investment opportunities every day.

    Reach out to our consultants to learn more about investment value projects. You can also explore properties in Istanbul by checking our website!