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    Author: dilara

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    Foreign Residency Permits

    Districts That Are Closed to Foreign Residency Permits | News On The Changes

    According to the announcements, 8 more districts are being closed to foreign residency permits. Esenyurt and Fatih were the 2 districts that were closed for residency permits before. Furthermore, with the new regulations and announcements made, 8 more districts are added to the list.

    After the Istanbul Migration Evaluation Meeting at the Directorate General of Migration Management, minister Suleyman Soylu made statements to the press. With the new announcements made, it is revealed that 8 more regions are closed to foreign residency permits.


    Uskudar | Historical, Valuable and Mesmerizing

    Being one of the central points in Istanbul, Uskudar attracts attention with its magnificent history and amazing scenery. Uskudar is one of the most valuable regions in Istanbul. Not only with its historical elements and places that still remain, but also with its high investment value and potential according to regional transportation advantages.
    Uskudar fascinates with its mesmerizing history. By means of history, it was an important spot for transport and accommodation. The history still remains… You can visit the mosques and structures with amazing architecture and atmosphere.

    Sapanca as Your New Spot for Serenity

    Sapanca as Your New Spot for Serenity…

    We present you one of the most popular spots that is close to Istanbul yet full of calming elements. If you are looking for a place to visit that is not far from Istanbul but still close to nature and serenity Sapanca is the best spot for you! Sapanca has become one of the most popular touristic spots so far. With its famous lake and forests, Sapanca provides everything you need for a comfortable and relaxing environment. As the region got popular the facilities around it increased. For accommodation, there are various opportunities.

    Projescope Tema Istanbul 2

    Tema Istanbul 2 | More Than a Housing Project, More Likely to Be the New Attraction Center

    We now present you a housing project which will change your whole understanding of living space… Tema Istanbul 2 is an extensive project that rises in Halkali. With its 2.280 unit capacity and 70 exclusive villas that are designed with special elements, Tema Istanbul 2 provides different choices to its investors.
    The designs of the apartments are a perfect match for the ones looking for spacious living spaces that have high ceilings and wide windows from top to bottom which enables daylight in the house. Imagine enjoying your balcony opening up to the greenery… All about serenity and comfort is now in one project!


    Vadistanbul – More Than A Shopping Center!

    For this blog, we picked Vadistanbul, which is one of the most popular shopping centers in Istanbul that worth talking about with a constant rise in relation to the brands and the privileged services it has. But not to bore you with numbers and unnecessary information we are sharing our own experiences. Vadistanbul is a well-known shopping center which is in service for almost 5 years. The mall has world-famous brands and the cafes&restaurants which are suitable for every taste.

    Tersane Istanbul Project

    Tersane Istanbul – New Favorite of the City With Marvellous Elements and Unique Style

    The project, Tersane Istanbul has a huge plan which will renovate the whole area located in the Golden Horn, with various types of properties and social facilities, as well as cultural elements. The project will comprise the recreation of the Golden Horn, which will include facilities and structures with luxurious elements. You will not only own property here, but you will also see history turn into the future… It will feature five world-class hotels and 600 apartments. However, there will be a 20.000 m² office area, four museums, and two marinas with a capacity of 280 yachts.

    Investment Value Projects

    Investment Value Projects of the Month | We Chose 3 Projects For You To Explore!

    Buying a house consists of various significant issues and topics which we have to ask in order to make a wise investment and also own a comfortable living space. By all means, every investor has his/her own interests and tastes but one of the stationary thing is to own a house which has an invsetment value. This month, we summed up 3 investment value projects for you which will give you an idea on what to look for and what to choose. Let’s find out more about them!

    Green Buildings

    The New Way of Living; Green Buildings

    As the awareness of the need for a better environment and nature increases, there occur new ways of providing that necessity. One way of doing that, which became popular over the past years is the construction of green buildings. Even though this term seems common, let’s look at the details and find out more about it!