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    Author: busra

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    Buying Affordable Property in Turkey | Charming Options

    Affordable property in Turkey offers charming options for domestic and foreign housing buyers who want to make investment and demand luxurious and comfortable living. Despite rising housing prices in Turkey, you can find affordable property in Turkey with researches and a reliable solution partner.

    Projescope Turkish Real Estate

    All About Turkish Real Estate for Investment

    Turkey is a large peninsula country surrounded by seas on three sides. This place will draw you in with its young population, colorful culture, and unique shores. Connecting Europe and Asia, these lands open the doors to various investment opportunities. Whether it’s a summer property, a rental income, or a solid living option, this place is excellent! If you are looking for a new investment value and have yet to review the properties for sale in Turkey, you still need to complete your search. Let’ learn about Turkish real estates!

    Projescope 10 Places with High Investment Value on the European Side

    10 Locations with High Investment Value on the European Side

    Decide the property to invest in goes through various issues. The most important and unchangeable for everyone is the location. Criteria are set to choose the best location and options are created accordingly. If you are looking for 10 locations with high investment value on the European side, you are at the right place!


    Sustainable Living Space in Bahcelievler | Rams Garden

    What does “sustainable life”, one of the terms we hear frequently today, actually mean? What are the qualifications of sustainable living space and how can it be achieved? The Rams Garden project sets a good example by being one of the sustainable property projects in Istanbul. Let’s find out more about sustainable living and one of the leading projects Rams Garden! Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that seeks to reduce the use of natural resources by an individual or society. Cities play an important role here. Cities are the areas that consume natural resources the most and create pollution and waste. Because of that, the concept of sustainability often comes to the fore through cities.

    Projescope Dunya Sehir Maltepe Istanbul Anatolian Side Projects

    Istanbul Anatolian Side Projects | Breathtaking Landscapes

    Istanbul Anatolian Side projects are adding a new one every day. Real estate housing projects, which are increasing day by day, offer various opportunities. One of them, perhaps the most indulgent, maybe the unique view of the project. Istanbul’s Anatolian Side stands out with its historical districts, forested areas, busy streets, and business centers. Istanbul’s new housing projects continue unabated in Kartal and Maltepe locations on the Anatolian side, which has been developing rapidly in recent years. New settlements mean new opportunities! Kartal projects with a unique view and Maltepe housing projects close to the beach will open the doors of a new life to you.

    Smart home systems Projescope Blog kapak

    New Technologies in Properties | Smart home systems

    Today, technology that penetrates our pockets also envelops our living areas. Smartphones, vehicles, watches, houses, etc. So, what exactly are these “smart” technologies? It is described as “products having an intelligent interaction network capable of external communication such as reasoning, perception, deduction, and assessment.” These smart technologies have a positive impact on our lives in a variety of ways. This blog will discuss the role of smart technology in our daily lives. Let’s take a closer look at smart home technology systems.

    All About Family-Friendly Living Spaces

    All About Family-Friendly Living Spaces

    This article will give you tips on finding family-friendly living spaces, that provide a peaceful and secure environment full of entertainment and comfort! There are several reasons to invest. While some prefer to invest only for rental income, investing only to have a living space is one of the reasons for preference. This article will focus on those who prefer to invest in living space today. In our blog, we will talk about what kind of properties the residents, especially those who give importance to family life, tend to invest in.

    Benesta Acibadem Projescope Luxury Living Space

    Benesta Acibadem: A First in the World, A Unique Concept

    Benesta Acibadem is located in one of the most beautiful spots on the Anatolian Side of Istanbul. Here you will be intertwined with rich history, natural beauties, symbolic structures, and culture. In addition, you will be both in the green and in the city with the wonderful opportunities of its location.
    Benesta Acibadem stands out with its architecture, location and interior design accompanied by unique arrangements for living spaces. BenLeo Park, which is consisted in the Istanbul Anatolian Side housing project, will make your dreams come true.

    Projects Close to the Marina in Istanbul

    Projects Close to the Marina in Istanbul

    There are several points to consider when purchasing a property. These may vary according to the wishes and purposes of the people. It is possible to find a property for every taste and need in Istanbul!

    Perhaps one of the most important point when investing is the location of the project. Expectations from the location also change according to living standards and needs. Today, we will talk about the distinguished projects close to the marina in Istanbul. If you are looking for a property close to the sea and the unique opportunities of the marina, this article is for you!